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Why Sponsored Deals?

April 26, 2022

“Why does NXT Capital focus on the sponsored market? Why not source opportunities directly?” These are good questions. Their answers reveal a fundamental difference in a manager’s strategy that has far-reaching impact on investors.


    • NXT Capital Celebrates 10th Anniversary

      February 5, 2020

      NXT Capital is celebrating a decade of providing structured financing solutions to the middle market and investment opportunities in this asset class to institutional investors.

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    • Eye on Private Credit

      November 22, 2019

      What metric/factor in addition to IRR is most important for measuring a private debt manager's performance?

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    • Eye on Private Credit

      October 24, 2019

      Eye on Private Credit: Do you use a benchmark for middle market private credit funds? If yes, what benchmark(s) do you use?

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    • Looking under the hood of fund-level leverage

      September 1, 2019

      Fund-level credit facilities can seem complex, but by asking a few of the right questions, investors can come to grips with a number of important benefits and risks.

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    • Eye on Private Credit

      August 27, 2019

      Eye on Private Credit: What is your largest concern about your private credit holdings?

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    • Private Credit EBITDA Addbacks

      September 5, 2018

      What do they mean and why should investors care? A common question among investors, credit managers and consultants is: “Where are we in the credit cycle?” While credit markets will ebb and flow, most believe we are presently at the more competitive end of the spectrum.

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    • Investors Flock to US Lower-Middle-Market Debt

      June 21, 2018

      Investors Flock to US Lower-Middle-Market Debt Sector is seen as less vulnerable to potential cycle change, while offering strong returns

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    • Fund Leverage Dynamics

      May 1, 2018

      In a competitive mid-market, a strong deal pipeline is important but effective fund management is also a powerful tool for driving returns, explains Robert Radway, CEO and chairman of NXT Capital.

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    • The Art of Healthy Investing

      March 1, 2018

      From technology to public policy, healthcare has been rapidly changing in recent years, which has influenced deal activity and the way private equity and private credit firms invest in the sector. Stuart Smartt of NXT Capital discusses investing in the one of the larges

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